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Dry vibrating material in tundish

Product parameters

The dry vibration material of tundish combines the advantages of insulation plate and coating material (spray coating), and has the characteristics of simple maintenance, long service life, easy disassembly, energy saving and consumption reduction. This kind of material is completely dry and does not need to add water during construction. After the construction is completed, it needs two hours of low temperature heating (200℃~300℃) to be processed before it can be put into use. In the process of use, the slag corrosion resistance is excellent, so the slag shell of the working lining has a high clearance rate and is easy to disintegrate.

Application: continuous casting intermediate working lining

Application: Remove the steel residue on the long lining of the tundish, first use the dry material to pave the required thickness at the bottom of the tundish, the seat, add the dry material for vibration molding, heat up to 200℃~300℃ for 2~3 hours, and then remove the mold for use.


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