Refractory material industry facing four aspects of pressure and opportunities

Posted time:2020-12-15 Page View:556

Under the new situation, refractories industry is facing pressure from four aspects: magnesia-carbon brick


First, the downward trend of market demand for refractory materials is irreversible, especially the market demand for refractory materials for infrastructure projects has been declining rapidly in the past two years. In addition, the improvement of the quality of refractory products leads to the reduction of the consumption of refractory materials per unit product and other factors, the market demand for refractory materials will gradually shrink; 2. Oversupply and disorderly competition in the market caused by excess production capacity, and low prices and operating quality of refractory materials;

Three, environmental protection investment, environmental protection costs are increasing;

IV. The enterprise has its own shortage, and the receivables are difficult to recover, resulting in the high financial cost of the enterprise and the pressure of insufficient flow.

But pressure and opportunity coexist. Under the current situation, first of all, we should seize the opportunity of eliminating backward production capacity, integrating and standardizing the refractory market order, and improving the industrial concentration degree.

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