Where is the distinction of refractory spray coating and refractory repair material?

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Refractory spray coating and refractory repair materials are one of the amorphous refractory materials, and refractory castable in the construction method has a great difference. Both materials belong to the construction progress is fast, repair furnace time is short.


The refractory spray coating is sprayed to the spray surface with a spray gun, spraying is carried out by using a jet or spray gun, is a spray technology in building furnace and filling furnace. Fireproof spray coating can be in the pipeline with compressed air or mechanical pressure to get enough speed, through the nozzle to the spray surface, can form a firm spraying layer. Refractory spray coating is divided into wet method, dry method and flame method.

Wet spraying is the spray surface of refractory spray coating after adding water or liquid binder. According to the order of adding water or liquid binder and its dosage, it can be divided into four kinds: mud method, wet method, semi-dry method and pseudo-dry method.

If it's a mixture of two methods, it's a hybrid method. The mud method is to mix the refractory mixture into mud and then spray, mainly used for hot spray filling furnace lining; The wet method is to mix the refractory mixture into pump mud and then spray; Semi-dry method is the first refractory mixture with a small amount of water mixing wetting uniform, transport to the nozzle and then add the rest of the water after spraying.

Dry spraying is to spray the mixed refractory spray coating directly to the spray surface through the nozzle, mainly used for filling furnace.

Flame spraying method is to use oxygen to transport the mixed refractory spray coating to the nozzle and combustible gas meet together ejected, combustible gas combustion, material travel in the flame and melt into plastic state shot to the spray surface. This method is used in hot spray filling furnace lining, which has less damage to the original lining, easy sintering of spraying layer, long service life, but high cost.

Refractory repair materials are used to repair kilns and thermal equipment, said refractory repair materials. Repair materials are classified according to their use. The construction methods include spraying, casting and filling, pressing, pumping or grouting. There are many kinds of refractory repair materials, such as refractory spray supplementary material, fused spray supplementary material, refractory casting supplementary material, refractory pressing material, refractory pumping material and refractory grouting material. There are many spraying methods of refractory repair material, easy to use, can improve the service life of the kiln, because the construction of repair material is convenient and simple, in the use of the process has a tendency to exceed the spray coating.

And refractory spray coating and refractory repair material raw materials are general, just different construction methods. The key technology of refractory spray coating and refractory repair is adhesion, bonding, strength and sintering.

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